Why the solution often is an Interim Manager?

The unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic present an unprecedented challenge for just about every sector in Belgium and Europe. National lockdowns followed by unequal country reopening arrangements, as well as proprietary procedures and sanitation guidelines, have forced entrepreneurs and their teams to move quickly and adapt to a rapidly evolving environment.

Each new COVID-19 wave has broadly speaking the same characteristics:

  • it is of unknown duration and seriousness
  • results in a regional or national outbreak
  • leads to different measures for a short, well-defined period
  • usually these measures take at least twice as long
  • reopening under new usually stricter conditions

Sometimes your company needs extra experience and expertise in the short or medium term to overcome such crises, or when launching large-scale projects (project management) for example and when introducing new working methods or processes (change management) or to ensure business continuity.

By appointing an interim manager for these kinds of challenges, you quickly acquire the necessary qualities without having to worry about a long training period. An entrepreneur often needs someone who looks at the challenges with an external view, let’s say a “helicopter view”, because the entrepreneur is often too busy with the operational aspect of doing business.

And what extra added value does an interim manager offer?


Solution for lack of specific experience

A shortage of experience or specific professional expertise is not very good for your business. Important tasks are not completed or get messed up due to a lack of direction. These kinds of scenarios not only lead to internal struggles, but often also cause a drop in the figures. Fortunately, you don’t have to let it get to that point. By hiring an interim manager, you deal flexibly with urgent management needs and avoid operational stumbling blocks. This ensures continuity.

What exactly is an interim manager? What is He/she offering as added value to your company? The profile looks like this:

  • He/She is engaged for critical business functions, such as temporary replacements, project work, change processes and crisis management.
  • is an experienced problem solver with a wealth of expertise.
  • focuses on a fixed package of tasks for companies, within a fixed period.

Hiring an interim manager always leads to cost savings

Many companies that do need temporary expertise are held back by the cost. But in doing so they ignore the added value of an interim manager, and the fact that hiring such a profile often leads to cost savings.

  • Flexibility and efficiency: thanks to interim management, companies can react quickly in critical circumstances. Interim managers are immediately available and fully trained in a very short time. Moreover, they have a lot of experience, so that they can act in a targeted manner from the outset.
  • Not purely consultant work: interim managers do much more than just giving advice. They are an integral part of your organization and proactively work on solutions.
  • Senior profiles: interim managers know the ins and outs of the sector. They have proven their added value at many companies and bring that experience to your company. Their objective view and refreshing insights are inspiring for your team members; moreover, they can also apply the newly acquired knowledge to other domains.
  • Know-how remains: the interim manager’s contract is for a definite period, but due to the transfer of knowledge, the quality injection remains noticeable even after his departure. In this way you lay a new, sustainable foundation with a limited investment.

Don’t rush to recruit right away

Of course, certain positions in your company benefit more from permanent filling. The appointment of an interim manager gives you the opportunity to quietly recruit a suitable permanent employee or, even better, to evaluate whether you really need such a position within your company.

Do you want assistance of an external expert in your company?

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