Interim Management

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Within an organization tasks and responsibilities are not always clearly assigned. The consequences can be impacting. The same goes for myWorld. They worked in the past next to each other on their own efficiency within their departments. On top, tasks were left undone because no one felt responsible for them. There was a good chance that sooner or later frustrations or problems would arise. That’s why we introduced RASCI that helped myWorld employees create a “Who does what?” overview.

For each process, the objectives, the scope and all necessary steps and decisions were displayed on 1 A4 (!) and the corresponding RASCI roles were linked to this in the same overview.

As a result, the people involved in the organization themselves started working together in a participatory manner, while they were facilitated in a professional manner. It was a step-by-step process that led to a supported outcome that met the predetermined frameworks set by management.

SkillsInterim Management
ResultOptimization of business processes