You can see our mentorship as an impressive journey, in which you fully understand yourself and the entrepreneur in you. During the process, we provide you with the tools that will help you to make your startup a success.

SkillsBusiness Plan & target setting (KPI)
ResultRealistic Forecast


We kicked off with a tough assessment with brand new entrepreneur Naziha Bouyaghroumni. We examined the objectives of her company Nanagement and proposed a strategy to achieve them within a specific time frame.

We poured these assessment findings into a realistic business plan. This gave her a clearer picture of her concept and plans. In addition, she was stimulated to think about things that she had not yet thought of herself. The business plan also provided insight into the feasibility of her idea and the company’s long-term perspective.

Secondly, the business plan was indispensable to persuade the bank to take out a loan. It gave them a picture of how she sees the future of her business and how she wanted to make it happen.

But even after it has started, such a plan can come in handy. Naziha (Nana) can use it to check whether she is on schedule, based on the specific monthly KPI’s we developed for her. This way she can find out where things went wrong and adjust the plan if necessary. Finally, a business plan can also serve as a useful guideline for future decisions and self-evaluation.