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In times of crisis and/or recession, cash flow management is an even more essential part of business management than ever before. Healthy cash flow is critical to the survival of a business, especially when conditions are unpredictable and volatile. Cash flow management is the art of managing money so that a company has sufficient resources to meet its obligations and continue to grow your business. It is the process of...
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ChatGPT could be seen as an advanced language model that can help companies improve their marketing efforts. It is not a threat to marketers, but rather complements their work and can help them achieve their goals. In this blog we will discuss some of the ways ChatGPT can help marketers and copywriters, along with some tips for using this tool effectively. As a marketer or copywriter, your goal is to...
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Recruitment and selection have always been important aspects of any company for many years and are constantly evolving. In 2023, it will be even more important to find creative ways to attract talent. Attracting the right candidates is crucial to the success of an organization. This means that “Recruiters”, business owners and HR professionals will have to use marketing techniques to promote their vacancies and find the right candidates. But...
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When you ask sales and marketing managers about the R.O.I. of fairs and the marketing impact they have, you often hear arguments such as: too expensive, old-fashioned, overtaken by virtual events or inefficient: We are subject to change or development and that is no different for companies. Before the internet (for some of us hard to imagine), we got our information from the Yellow Pages, trade journals or newspaper advertisements....
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A crisis, of whatever nature, always stands for “uncertainty”, “risk” and “danger” but the word crisis also stands for “opportunity”. You can always view a crisis, disaster or emergency situation in two ways. And that is not for nothing. Admittedly, with the energy prices swinging out of control, which increase operational costs by up to 50% for some companies, there is little or no positive EBITDA left at the end...
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