Every month we show you the most current & inspiring business strategies from home and abroad. This way you stay “always one step ahead” in optimizing your future-proof company!
When you ask sales and marketing managers about the R.O.I. of fairs and the marketing impact they have, you often hear arguments such as: too expensive, old-fashioned, overtaken by virtual events or inefficient: We are subject to change or development and that is no different for companies. Before the internet (for some of us hard to imagine), we got our information from the Yellow Pages, trade journals or newspaper advertisements....
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A crisis, of whatever nature, always stands for “uncertainty”, “risk” and “danger” but the word crisis also stands for “opportunity”. You can always view a crisis, disaster or emergency situation in two ways. And that is not for nothing. Admittedly, with the energy prices swinging out of control, which increase operational costs by up to 50% for some companies, there is little or no positive EBITDA left at the end...
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With RASCI you ensure that all roles are clearly indicated and structured so that everyone always knows what their tasks are and can perform and control them successfully.
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Are you planning to launch a new product? Then it is of course very important that you actually know how to reach your target group. But how do you increase your chances of a successful product market introduction? As always, a good start and equally good planning is half the battle, so is the introduction of a new product. This step-by-step plan will help you on your way. Speak the...
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Congratulations, after much deliberation you have decided to start your own company and you now want to make a business plan? Smart, because a business plan gives you insights into the ideas you have. For example, is it all realistic and achievable?
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Every month we share with you the most up-to-date & inspiring business strategies from home and abroad. This way you stay “already one step ahead” in the development of your future-proof company!

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