CustomerAlbert Menswear
ExpertiseRetail Management
ResultDifferentiation of services in Retail
Increase business efficiency

Albert Herenkleding

The retail market is changing at lightning speed. As a retailer you have to be able to respond quickly to the changing environmental factors and the new consumer expectations. We’re living in a period where efficient strategic decisions make the difference more than ever.

Before you can improve the performance of a store, you first want to know where the bottlenecks are blocking your company in its further growth. The business manager and/or sales manager plays a key role in this process. By comparing the current sales data base with the theoretical potential, we gained a better insight into the actual sales performance of the store.

We implemented new sales processes and a new marketing policy, which increased the profit margin. With the increased cash flow, the manager was given the opportunity to invest in new innovative retail opportunities

Watch the video and experience how business manager Mark Van Hove experienced our business optimization process and overall strategic approach.