Interim Management

AB Bowling | E-kart

Digital transformation has become essential for the survival of businesses, especially for the entertainment business. However, it is far from easy to implement.Without successful change management, digital transformation efforts will yield few results.

Manager Filip Meeus engaged us as interim manager to solve a unique and urgent organizational problem in his company. We helped him implement his changes in his organization to achieve better returns.

We always started from the existing situation. Together with Filip, we looked at where reinforcement was needed and together we implemented step by step new business processes to make his company future-proof.

By entering into the exercise together, bottlenecks and points of attention became clear during the process. Based on Philip’s vision and the implementation of new strategies, we worked on leadership and considered which digital transformations would suit AB bowling – E-karting. We then supported the implementation of the new business processes so that he could achieve the objectives discussed.

Watch the video with manager Filip Meeus. He explains which new business processes we have introduced in his company.

ClientAB Bowling | E-kart
SkillsInterim Management
ResultOptimization of business processes