About Us

A quick and cost-efficient analysis of your company, department or project: that’s the best way to describe WIZZDOM. The result of this is an overview and insight into the organization of your company, ready for your future.

At WIZZDOM, your business is our primary focus!

Regardless of your sector, we help you with the power of change management. Optimize your business processes, implement new organizational structures and improve your current way of working to achieve more profit!

Adaptability is not a buzzword. It is essential to thrive in an ever changing business environment. We help with our years of experience to find the winning combination of people, processes and technology. With our smart strategies, we support your company in shaping a bright future.

Sales & Marketing
20 years of experience
Business Processes
15 years of experience
Business Analytics15 years of experience
20 years of experience
20 years of experience
20 years of experience
Tenders15 years of experience
Profit Optimization15 years of experience
Contingency Plans
10 years of experience
People Management
& Leadership
20 years of experience

Customization for every company

A standard solution? It doesn’t exist! Every company is unique, and so is the appropriate solution. Our customers think so too. Our clients experience us as sincere, constructive, ethical, clear, confrontational, demanding and result-oriented. We have already worked with national and international companies from all sectors. We advise at corporate and SME level.

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Change from within

To carry out the change management process properly and honestly, professional intervention from outside is required.

As specialists, we are known for our extensive experience and our clear, decisive approach. By keeping an appropriate distance, we can clearly see and break through business patterns, in order to subsequently return healthy business processes. We break through resistance and look for the real motivations within your company. To do this, we expose your company’s DNA. We tackle obstacles that hinder your processes at the source. We take a critical look at the behavior, manners and collaborations within your company. With this fresh and effective change process we ensure a healthy functioning company, which ultimately results in maximum growth.

We expose your DNA

In order to optimize your company again, it is important to open up structures and adapt them to your current situation. Our business analyzes give you a clear insight into the way your company works and which behavioral patterns and communication structures do not (any longer) fit with your company DNA.

We help to embrace change

Our business analysis enables us to break through entrenched patterns and implement a healthy working method within your company. Every change meets resistance. However, know the art how to embrace this change, it’s one of our favorite challenges. When you break through this resistance, you discover your real motivations and you create space for growth and progress.

Our Goal: more profit

At WIZZDOM, we like to talk about challenges. About new goals and results. This means that we pull you out of your comfort zone. We encourage you to look for boundaries, take responsibility and explore new possibilities. By gaining insight into the precise return on all your business activities, you can create more profit by optimizing business processes.