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A quick and cost-efficient analysis of your company, department or project: that’s the best way to describe WIZZDOM. The result of this is: overview, insights and optimization of your business processes for better turnover figures, more profit and increased cash flow in your company. Be ready for your future!

Grow smart and scalable

Mentor for Startups

As an entrepreneur you have a strong vision and you know where you want to go with your new start-up. You therefore want to get started quickly and efficiently, for maximum results. How important is your business plan for your future business? And how can you be sure that your outlook will match reality? At WIZZDOM, we help you optimizing your plans.

With WIZZDOM as your faithful assistant:

  • We will work out your business plan in detail together.
  • We determine how you can go to the market in a smarter way and how you can better target your ideal customer.
  • Our regular follow-up ensures a permanent sounding board.
Get the right experts in house

Interim Management

WIZZDOM interim managers support companies in the development towards a learning and agile organization. If you want to remain relevant for your customer as a company, continuous improvement, innovation and transformation are necessary. This requires a different way of collaborating, learning, organizing, communicating and leadership. It is about daring to experiment, learning and innovate. Make sure you utilizing the full change power and potential of your employees, organization and stakeholders. WIZZDOM is leading companies in this transition with its passionate business experts.

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The most common mistake we encounter in the Hospitality sector; when it comes to improving efficiency: is that almost everyone focuses on 1 single part of its own business. For example, increasing revenues. Whereas, if you focus on all activities at once, much better results are reachable.

At WIZZDOM, we focus on improving returns on various investments. That’s what it’s always about in the end. By letting you focus on the total business operations, you can achieve much better results.

We analyze the various Hospitality activities separately. But just as important is the interrelationship between all these separate components, so that we can implement renewed and aligned business processes that increase the total return and cash flow.

Change from the inside

Business Services

Change Management vraagt om een flinke portie lef. Het vraagt namelijk om verandering van binnenuit; verandering van jou én van jouw bedrijf. Het vraagt om het doorbreken van oude gedragspatronen, het kritisch kijken naar huidige werkwijzen en het accepteren van nieuwe structuren. Maar ook om een nieuwe visie op communicatie, eigenaarschap, leiderschap en werkwijze. Kortom, een integraal proces dat behoorlijk diep ingrijpt.

Om dit proces goed en eerlijk uit te voeren, is professionele interventie van buitenaf nodig. Een specialist die overzicht creëert, nieuwe structuren en patronen in jouw bedrijf aanbrengt en structurele belemmeringen wegneemt. 


Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sector is always on the move. Technology and innovation are essential for those who want to increase their added value, especially for anyone who wants to hit the road safely and efficiently.

As a result, optimization is crucial, and efficiency is at the top of the agenda for many companies.

Whoever says optimization … is essentially talking about a continuous learning process. With optimization you make business processes leaner, so that you can adapt flexibly and perform optimally for a long time. Systematic improvement, with the customer as the starting point, should ultimately yield innovative power. And that is exactly what future-proof entrepreneurship requires.



The contractors, construction promoters, construction companies, architects, etc. are having a hard time these days. They are pushed to the limit to develop new methods to gain competitive advantage in the market and achieve greater profit margins.

Productivity on a construction site can be approached from several perspectives:

  • Projects have to be completed as soon as possible
  • Project costs are budgeted upfront
  • The professional is able to deliver more value for the given offer
  • The project is more profitable

The most important thing a construction company should always achieve is a full analysis of each stage in the construction process to understand where productivity could be improved. For each and every implementation plan it is essential to track and measure your progress.

Practical: How do we work?

For whom?
WIZZDOM analysis is specifically designed to support SMEs.

When should I decide?
You only decide after the intake interview. Until then, everything is without obligation and therefore free of charge. This gives both you and us time to decide whether or not the analysis has real added value for your company.

How do I get started?
You simply start by contacting us; an initial conversation in full confidence in which you can contact one of our people with all your questions.

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